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Applelec LED Ribbon Tape Grade A LEDs

Applelec LED Ribbon Tape

Providing exceptionally low wattage, LED Ribbon Tape solutions, Applelec is proud to be the exclusive UK supplier for Grade A LEDs with our Applelec LED Ribbon Tape available on 4mm and 8mm options. These high efficiency LED Ribbon Tapes deliver a 20% brightness increase and 35% energy saving when compared to Grade B LEDs. 

Key Features

  • 227 lm/W super high efficiency

  • 24V DC

  • 120 degree beam angle

  • Variable cut points

  • 5 year warranty

Bespoke Image 2.png

Along with our Grade A option, Applelec also supplies 8mm Boots spec LED Ribbon Tape. Available on reels in a variety of Kelvin colour temperatures that can be matched to our award winning Applelec LED Light Sheet or used independently. 

Key Features

  • DC Approved

  • Boots Spec

  • 190 lm/W high efficiency 

  • 120 degree beam angle

  • Variable cut points

Applelec LED Ribbon Tape
Green Applelec LED Light Sheet environmentally friendly lighting solution.jpg
Applelec LED Ribbon Tape lighting design.

Our LED Ribbon Tapes can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

As well as integrated within our architectural lighting solutions to help deliver more eco-friendly lighting schemes:

Find out more about our highly efficient LED Ribbon Tape:

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