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Auragami from Applelec Lighting fold, shape.jpeg


Supplying the latest in lighting technology, Auragami from Applelec Lighting is an extremely flexible and versatile backlighting tile, helping to bridge the gap for achieving complex lighting design schemes.

Key Features

  • Flexible design with cut, fold and connect facility

  • Energy efficient

  • IP65 rated

  • Advanced 5 year warranty

  • Illuminates dense stone up to 20mm depths


Auragami from Applelec Lighting can be shaped over an impressive 90° angle as well as wrapped around columns and pillars for seamless illumination. Providing ease of installation, Auragami from Applelec Lighting can be easily cut on site to meet individual project requirements. This cuttable facility provides complete installation flexibility, helping to create a clean line finish by trimming accurately around any awkward fixings or unforeseen obstacles as well as to facilitate any last-minute project alterations.


Utilising tight pitch, powerful LEDs,, Auragami from Applelec Lighting is the perfect solution for delivering luminous backlighting for particularly dense surface material up to 20mm depth. The construction of the light panel provides only smooth and seamless illumination that elevates the appearance, detailing and colouring of heavy decorative stone.

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