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Applelec Illuminated Snap Frames lighting design

Applelec Illuminated Snap Frames

Delivering bright, even illumination with no spotting or dark patches with Applelec’s super slim LED snap frames. A bespoke illuminated snap frame created with a slim 25mm depth profile that features powerful backlighting from Applelec LED Light Sheet. 

Key Features

  • Slim 25mm deep frame

  • IP67 rating available

  • Maximum frame size 3000x1000mm

  • Siler anodised, painted or high gloss finishes

  • Bright, even illumination with Applelec LED Light Sheet

Bespoke Image 2.png

Designed to enhance the appearance of translucent graphics, Applelec Illuminated Snap Frames are available in bespoke dimensions up to a maximum size of 3000x1000mm, for eye-catching and striking displays. With the entire unit, including Applelec LED Light Sheet manufactured at our West Yorkshire premises, we can provide quick turnaround times for single or multiple bespoke projects.

Applelec Illuminated Snap Frames museum lighting design
Bespoke Image 2.png
Applelec Illuminated Snap Frames display design

Ideal for internal or external applications with IP67 rating available, Applelec Illuminated Snap Frames can be created with a silver anodised coating, paint options, as well as finished with a bright polish for sophisticated design scheme. 

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