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Applelec Light Engine SloanLED

Applelec Light Engines

Applelec Light Engines has been designed as a complete backlighting unit to bring powerful, flawless illumination to a variety of surface materials. Created to deliver both design flexibility and ease of installation, Applelec Light Engines is constructed from a prefabricated flat panel or tray to specific project dimensions.

Key Features

  • UK manufactured

  • 5 year warranty

  • Bespoke design

  • Highly energy efficient

  • Wide choice of LED solutions and LED colour options available

Bespoke Image 2.png

The precision manufacture ensures the backlighting solution can be simply fixed into place onsite as a complete unit, delivering bright and consistent illumination to any translucent material fitted to the face of the lighting system. For flawless illumination, the quantity of LED modules or the panel size of our backlighting products is calculated as per provided layout drawings, guaranteeing Applelec Light Engines deliver bright, consistent illumination.

Applelec Light Engine lighting design
Green Applelec LED Light Sheet environmentally friendly lighting solution.jpg
Applelec Light Engine interior design.JPG

Utilising our range of premium architectural lighting solutions, Applelec Light Engines can be integrated with Applelec LED Light Sheet, SloanLED modules and our Auragami light tile, offering choice for designs and the perfect lighting system to meet individual project requirements.

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