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A range of accessories are available for our lighting solutons to ensure project aesthetics are met; these include controllers, dimmer switches, snap frames and fixings.

Power Supplies

Each LED Light Sheet panel is supplied with a power supply to suit project requirements. For indoor applications, each standard unit is fitted with a power unit with a three pin plug. For IP67 rated panels, an IP66 driver is supplied for hard wiring. Alternatively a bare end wire up to a maximum length of 3 metres may be fitted to the unit.

We also stock a variety of other options to help you power your illumination solutions, signage and more.


This includes:

  • Applelec, highly energy efficient, up to 92%, slimline power supply

  • SloanLED Quantum power supplies

  • Ecopac 60w power supplies with UK, EU & US plugs

  • Ecopac 6w and 24w external power supplies

Applelec PSU.png
Power Supplies
Applelec power boxes for lighting design


To minimise wiring of multiple panel projects, Powerboxes provide a simple solution. Available in 300W for standard white LED Light Sheet, 240W for dimmable panels and 216W for RGB projects, the Powerboxes help reduce wiring time onsite. With up to five fused 60W outlets (per 300W Powerbox), spider connectors can further increase the number of panels powered, dependent on their combined load.


Spider Connectors

Allowing up to four Applelec LED Light Sheet panels (LED load dependant) to be linked together and run from a single power supply, Spider Connectors are available in two wire lengths. The short four-port Spider links together panels positioned in close proximity, whilst the long Spider features four-ports each with a wiring range of 1500mm. Efficiency is maximized by utilising the LED load on the driver, whilst reducing the number of driver units required overall.

Applelec Spider Connectors architectural lighting solutions
Spider connectors
Architectural lighting solution batteries

Portable Batteries

For architectural lighting solutions located in areas without easy access to power, a range of portable, rechargeable batteries is a useful option. Fully waterproof and suitable for exterior locations, these 12v lithium polymer batteries are available in a range of sizes including small hand-held units. With a built in fuel gauge, the lightweight batteries are available in 4Ah, 8Ah, 10Ah, 14Ah and 22Ah sizes.

Portable batteries

Controllers, Receivers and Wall plates

From remote controls, wall plate touch panels and dimmable drivers, the Applelec Supply team have a variety of quality, high-tech, control systems to match your project needs.


Brands we stock include:

  • LTech

  • Casambi

  • eldoLED


Get in touch with the Applelec team for a quote or more information

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