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Helping to lead the way to a more sustainable future

Our Award Winning Eco Pledge
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As a responsible manufacturer operating in a sector with high waste material, Applelec is committed to finding ways to be more sustainable, both as a company and in the products we supply.


Our eco-friendly pledge is our promise to look at ways, to influence four key areas including, Nature, Climate, Waste and Manufacturing. This directs our activity as a company into areas that will positively influence our impact on the environment. 

What Applelec has managed to achieve in such a short period of time, is something that we are all very proud of. This was recognised by the prestigious Made in Britain community who awarded the Applelec team with an Impact award for 'Employee Engagement Campaign of the Year,' whilst also shortlisting them for 'Sustainable Initiative of the year' both for our Applelec ECO Pledge.

"The employee engagement award is for the organisation that has successfully engaged every employee across the business with its sustainability strategy. All three companies on the shortlist have achieved remarkable progress in this area - with Applelec the very worthy winner of this year's award." Professor Chris Harrop OBE, ESG Strategy Director, Marshalls and Made in Britain Chairman.

This recognition is a testament to everyone at Applelec who have contributed to our Eco Pledge, in ways big and small and how our collective efforts are helping the company to lead the way to a more sustainable future. 

Our Sustainability Brochure

Find out all about our award wining Applelec ECO pledge, our sustainability progress, our route to NET Zero, our partnerships, our ECO product range and more, in our new sustainability brochure.

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*Figures are updated monthly and are based on tree's planted through JUST ONE Tree and ECOSIA

Our Eco Product Range

As part of our Applelec Eco Pledge we assembled an R&D team who began re-engineering our products. Our goal was to:

  • To include as many environmentally friendly, reusable components as possible and if they couldn’t be reused to ensure they could be easily recyclable

  • To consider the needs of the industry and their concerns around using eco products, which included quality, reliability, price point and running costs

This range has exceeded all of our expectations, resulting in the industry's first, and only, Grade A, fully environmentally friendly light panel and the most energy efficient eco friendly lightbox, independently tested by Design Conformity. What's more, through our partnership with JUST ONE Tree, for every order in our Eco range, Applelec plants a tree, further enhancing our products positive impact on the industry and the environment.

Take a look at the growing range....

ECO products

Energy Calculator

Our Grade A backlighting solutions have numerous sustainability benefits including saving you energy and in turn yearly running costs. To demonstrate this to our customers we have created our energy cost comparison calculators.


Here you can input basic details about how you will be using the solutions, such as how many meters of LEDs you require and the length of time they will be running on a daily basis. Our calculators will then estimate the annual kW/h and its estimated energy cost per year.


You can then compare this to your current solution, if you have one, to see how much money our highly energy efficient products can save you every year.​

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Eco Engineer your Next Project

Through our supply chain contacts we have access to an array of environmentally friendly materials and components that can be used to swap into your designs to make it as sustainable as possible. Just ask our sales team about eco engineering and they will look into the best eco solutions for your job. Get in touch with our team for more information. 

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“I have been watching Applelec for some time now and I think it is great what they are doing on the sustainability front.”


Nathan Swinson-Bullough - iMAGECO

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