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Display Frames

Applelec offers non-illuminated display frames and poster cases ideal for interior systems such as directories, wayfinding, and branding.


The I-Sign range includes wall-mounted frames, projecting signs, hanging signs, door plates, and desk stands. Available in various sizes from A6 to A1, these frames provide a sophisticated alternative to snap frames. 

I-Sign Display

Applelec's I-Sign Display features a stylish and sturdy extruded profile, ideal for bespoke single or double-sided large format frames and stencil-cut light-boxes. It accommodates 5mm thick printed panels and is perfect for edge-to-edge framing. Available in 2.5m kit form or custom lengths, it can be assembled by Applelec or self-assembled. Suitable for internal and external applications, and it supports LED illumination. The system is ideal for museums, galleries, airports, and shopping centers.

I-Sign Display
I-Sign-2-A3-Wall.1917 -white- aangepast.jpg

I-Sign Eco

The i-Sign Eco features a sleek design with a narrow edge, suitable for single-sided wall mounting, double-sided suspension, or flag mounting. It can be used with a graphic inlay behind a non-reflecting acrylic cover or with 2-3mm thick sheets in a chosen material. The sizes range from A6 to A3, including 150x150mm and 150x300mm options. It is available in grey and black.

I-Sign Eco

I-Sign Fix

I-Sign Flex is a sophisticated display frame system featuring a sleek, slim design with mitred corners, made of silver aluminium and an anti-reflective acrylic cover. Available in various sizes up to A1, the tamper-proof frames use a patented spring mechanism for easy opening. They can be wall-mounted with double-sided tape or adjustable mounts, and the system includes projecting signs, hanging signs, and desk stands for versatile use in offices, hospitals, museums, and more. The frames offer a flush-face finish that prevents dust collection.

Applelec I-Sign - Projecting Sign 02.jpg

I-Sign Flex

Applelec Illuminated Snap Frames feature a slim 25mm profile and offer bright, even illumination using Applelec LED Light Sheet. Customizable up to 3000x1000mm, these frames are suitable for internal and external use with an IP67 rating available. They are available in various finishes, including silver anodised, painted, and high gloss. Manufactured in West Yorkshire, these frames provide quick turnaround for bespoke projects, enhancing the appearance of translucent graphics without spotting or dark patches.


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