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Illuminated Letters & Logos

Applelec offers a variety of illuminated letters including:


Each style of letters utilise bright, energy efficient LEDs to provide vibrant signage solutions suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Applelec's products are fully customisable in terms of colour, size, and finish, making them ideal for diverse applications like retail, hospitality, commercial environments to name a few. Each product is designed to ensure quality and durability, while enhancing the visual impact of any signage.

Halo letters

Halo Illuminated Letters

Applelec's Halo Letters offer a sophisticated illumination effect by projecting light from the back of metal or acrylic letters, creating a soft halo glow. These letters use energy-efficient LEDs and can be customised with various colours and finishes. They are ideal for adding a touch of elegance to signage in various settings such as hotels, spas, and restaurants, to name a few. Halo letters can be mounted on different surfaces and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Applelec halo letters

Rim & Return Letters

Applelec's Illuminated Rim & Return Letters feature face illumination with white, colored, or color-changing LEDs. These built-up letters have an acrylic illuminated face and a visible metal trim, offering clear definition. Suitable for various sizes, from small to over a meter in height, they ensure bright, even illumination and energy efficiency. LED modules are tested for optimal brightness. These letters can be mounted on sign tray panels or individually.

Now available: Eco engineered Rim & Return letters which includes more sustainable materials and components and are designed for disassembly and reuse or recycling at the end of its life cycle.

Rim & Return Letters

Rimless Letters

Applelec's Rimless LED illuminated letters feature a built-up metal structure combined with an acrylic face that covers the entire letter, providing a sleek, evenly lit surface. This construction allows for narrow stroke widths, supporting bespoke fonts and logos, ideal for luxury retail, hotels, and leisure industries. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with various LED colours available, including RGB colour changing options. 

Rimless letters

Cabochon 'Fairground Style' Letters

Popular in the retail and leisure industries, Applelec's Illuminated Cabochon Letters use energy efficient LED cabochon bulbs to create a vintage fairground look but with all the advantages of modern LED longevity. Cabochon bulbs come in 45mm and 60mm diameters and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Bulbs are available in warm white, ice white or 12 lens colour options and can feature flashing, chasing, and dimming effects managed by lighting controllers.  

Cabochon Letters

Solid Acrylic, Faux Neon Letters

This 12V, safe-to-touch, and easy-to-install product offers a modern alternative to traditional neon signs while maintaining a retro look. It's rounded/bull nose, semi-circular face is made from clear polished acrylic, mimicking the appearance of glass tubes. The returns can be colour-matched to the face or finished in metallic and paint options to suit your design. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, this robust sign solution combines durability with a nostalgic aesthetic.

Winter Lights comp.jpg
Faux Neon Letters

Solid Block, Flat Faced, Acrylic Letters

Applelec's Block Acrylic Letters are highly customizable in terms of size, colour, and finish, making them ideal for retail and commercial branding. The robust acrylic construction ensures longevity, while the embedded LEDs provide energy-efficient, vibrant lighting.

Our flat face acrylic letters are available in a range of options including:

  • Key line illumination

  • Face illumination

  • Face and halo illumination

  • Face illumination with partial illuminations to the side

  • Halo illumination

  • Halo illumination with illumination to the sides

  • Return illumination

  • Return illumination with partially illuminated side

  • Return illumination with partially lacquered side 

Solid Block, Flat Faced, Acrylic Letters

Solid Block, Bevelled, Acrylic Letters

Through clever fabrication, our solid block acrylic letter range can achieve an incredibly narrow face profile width of just 3mm, for some letter options, through careful shaping of the sides of the letters.

Solid Block, Bevelled, Acrylic Letters

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