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Applelec solid block acrylic logos

Applelec Solid Block Acrylic Letters

The perfect solution for point-of-sale and internal retail branding, these letters are CNC cut from a block acrylic sheet. Illumination can be selected from our stocked range of energy efficient LED modules, to create a halo or face lit options.

Key Features

  • Wide choice of acrylic colour options

  • Achieves tighter serifs and stroke widths

  • Available in bullnose faux neon, flat faced, bevel and painted 

  • Features illumination options

  • Energy efficient


Offering a wide variety of choice for clients, Applelec Solid Block Acrylic Letters can be created in a variety of designs and styles. Through utilising our in-house paint shop facility, letters can be wet sprayed to any colour to suit design requirements. as well as offering a wide variety of acrylic colours and distinctive effects, including bullnose faux neon, flat faced, bevel and painted, enabling your creativity and enhancing your design.  

Applelec faux LED neon style lettering
Applelec Flat Cut Letters acrylic and metal
Applelec LED neon alternative energy efficient


This low wattage (12v) safe to touch and easy to install product is a robust, modern alternative to traditional neon signs, without losing that sought after retro look. This style is achieved through its beautiful, semi-circular face, made from clear polished acrylic, giving it a glass tube appearance.

Illuminated with high quality LEDs, this faux neon option is an extremely energy efficient alternative, where the combination of premium LEDs and the signage's oval prism face ensures no visible LED spotting. 

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