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Applelec Extruded Lightbox

Applelec Extruded Lightbox

Applelec's range of extruded lightboxes are perfect for internal applications and are a popular illuminated solution within retail and hospitality industries. 

Key Features

  • Highly energy efficient 

  • Skins can be easily changed

  • Slimline design

  • Eco friendly solution

  • UK manufactured


Ensuring designs can be easily changed, Applelec Extruded Lightboxes have been created to feature interchangeable fabric skins, allowing the solution to be adjusted as and when needed.


A sleek solution that boasts eco-friendly properties, our lightboxes are manufactured with slimline profiles and are backlit with highly energy efficient illumination options. Quality assured, Applelec's Extruded Lightboxes are manufactured to bespoke specifications at our UK premises.

Applelec LED lightbox
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