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Applelec partners with CDUK to bring M|R Walls exclusively to the UK and Ireland

Applelec partners with CDUK to bring M|R walls exclusively to the UK & Ireland

Applelec is delighted to announce we are partnering with leading supplier of surface materials CDUK to exclusively present a unique line of multidimensional parametric walls, designed by renowned Californian designer Mario Romano.

M|R Walls are textured, etched and multidimensional wall surfaces made from Corian® solid surface material, with designs inspired by Mario’s love of nature.

Up until now, decorative building surfaces have largely been confined to repetitive, three-dimensional tile pieces, limiting creativity and design potential. Mario has revolutionised design technology with a patented manufacturing process, involving the latest in parametric computing and CNC machining technology, not only expanding the use of solid surfaces exponentially but also its creative possibilities with its unique non-repetitive designs.

Unlike drywall this versatile, non-porous, low-maintenance product can be milled to create three dimensional patterns and surfaces which are combined with an impressive puzzle piece assembly. This unique function simplifies installation so that it is no longer arduous or expensive but easily pieced together to create seamless surfaces for large or small scale design schemes.

With an extensive range of stylized and abstract shapes that are sympathetic to the natural environment, these designs are transformed into bespoke wall coverings, customised to suit the specified area. But it doesn’t end there, M|R Walls are also fully customisable, so can be used to present corporate branding, creating eye-catching, elegant schemes which complement the overall design. Backlighting can further be incorporated to provide depth and interest through the texture of the surface. The resulting solution is a unique fabrication which is visually engaging and tactile, like nothing else out there on the market.

The combination of our 20 years plus manufacturing experience and unrivalled signage and architectural lighting expertise, with CDUK’s strong reputation as the leading supplier of surface materials, will form the perfect partnership to bring Mario’s innovative and exciting product exclusively to the UK and Ireland markets through,” said Founder of Applelec, Ian Drinkwater.

M|R Walls’s Mario Romano was equally enthusiastic: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with Applelec and CDUK to make this happen. They’re the best UK partners we could have hoped for, and this is hands-down the most exciting design market in the world right now. I can’t wait to see the fantastic and ground-breaking projects this alchemy will bring to life.

Find out more at our dedicated website: www.parametricwalls


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