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Introducing the Applelec forest

Our aim for 2023 was to plant 288 trees to offset the carbon footprint of our delivery van and the team smashed this target with an amazing 584!

The Applelec Group plant 882 trees

413 of these were donated to JUST ONE Tree and came from a mixture of sales from our ECO signage and lighting product ranges and fundraising and donations.

The remaing 468 were raised by Applelec staff using ECOSIA internet browser, which is a scheme we began in late 2022.

This takes our overall total to 882 trees planted since we began our award winning Applelec ECO Pledge in December 2021.

The Applelec forest will have many positive ramifications for the environment including:

  • Removing 11 tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere each year

  • Removing 275 tonnes of C02 over the next 25 years

  • Helping to reverse biodiversity loss through global reforestation

  • Intercepting over 13,230,000 litres of rainfall each year, reducing erosion and flooding

  • Being food and habitat for over 882,000 animals and insects

  • Helping to reduce global warming in area severely affected by deforistation

Our donations to JUST ONE Tree also contribute to kelp forest regeneration off the coast of Australia and the Philippines, whcih addresses the issues our oceans face, such as acidification, rising sea temperatures and marine diversity loss. They also focus on helping to shape the next generation of planet-conscious thinkers by bringing environmental education into the classrooms with their free teaching resources and JUST ONE Tree Day. 

This achievement has exceeded our expectations, and we are proud of the Applelec team and all they are doing to make Applelec a sustainable cosciius organisation who supports great causes such as these and through this having a positive impact on the environment.

JUST ONE Tree Receipt No R-08262
Download PDF • 2.14MB

JUST ONE Tree's impact:

ECOSIA's impact:


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