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Applelec partners with Just One Tree

As part of Applelec’s 2022 eco friendly pledge to reduce our impact on the environment, we have partnered with the non-profit community interest company, Just One Tree. Their aim is to reverse biodiversity loss and remove CO2 from the atmosphere, through partnering with carefully selected reforestation organisations across the globe. These projects hire and train local community members to plant native trees and care for them through to maturity. This not only educates and alleviates extreme poverty but positively impacts areas where deforestation has been devastating such as Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal, Kenya and Zambia. Scientific evidence also shows that in planting trees in areas closer to the equator, it maximises its effect on global warming, having the greatest cooling effect on the planet.

However, reforestation doesn’t just begin and end on land, Just One Tree’s ground-breaking kelp forest regeneration off the coast of Australia and the Philippines, addresses the issues our oceans are facing, such as acidification, rising sea temperatures and marine diversity loss. What’s more, they bring environmental education into thousands of classrooms across, the UK, Europe and around the globe, helping to enlighten the next generation about the importance of protecting the natural world.

We kicked off our partnership with a donation to plant 100 trees in place of sending a printed Christmas card this year. Once matured this contribution will remove over 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and soaks up 230,000 gallons of rain.

What’s more, Applelec are fast developing ranges of eco-friendly lighting and signage products and have already launched a highly eco-friendly lighting solution. Our new 100% recycled Green Applelec LED Light Sheet, is manufactured in the UK and utilises recycled and recyclable materials. As a result, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet significantly reduces its contribution towards co2 emissions, Air Acidification and Eutrophication. The signage team are also developing eco friendly alternative products and material options that will be launching throughout next year. To celebrate this, for every order placed from our eco-friendly range in 2022, we will plant a tree on your behalf. This means that in choosing Applelec as your trade supplier, your purchase is really making a tangible difference to the world.


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