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Applelec invest in new phone system

To accommodate our growing and diverse team, as well as embracing the changing needs of working culture after the pandemic, Applelec have invested in a brand-new VoIP phone system. Teaming up with YooZoom we have installed a brand new Wildix phone system to upgrade our current way of working and provide an improved service to our customers.

So, what’s new?

When calling our main line, you will now receive a warm Yorkshire welcome from the new voice of Applelec, Archie. Archie will help get you through to the right department as quickly as he can, via our new auto attendant options. This means that if you know the direct dial of the individual you want to speak to, you can type this in to reach them directly, or you can press for the department you want to speak to. Here are the options you will be given:

  • Press 1 for LED Light Sheet including Sloan LEDs

  • Press 2 for Signage

  • Press 3 for Accounts

  • Press 4 for anything else

If you’re not sure who you need to speak to, don’t worry, just press 4 for anything else and the team will help direct your call.

YooZoom's Wildix system also provides us with computer and mobile apps, giving staff out on the road visiting customers, access to our main line, meaning no matter where staff are, they can be contacted, just the same as if they were in the office. If they are unavailable, in a meeting or on another call, Archie will direct you to leave a message which is then emailed to the individual, making sure they are aware that you called.

The team are busy getting to grips with our new system and we thank you for your patience during this transition. We are looking forward to the benefits this will bring to both the Applelec team and our valued customers.

Give us a call and meet Archie on: 01274 77 44 77


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