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New tender opportunity

Procurement of bespoke ERP system plus CPQ and Ai integration for Applelec Group,

Trade manufacturer and supplier of signage, architectural lighting, and components.



This tender seeks proposals for the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Applelec Group Ltd to integrate internal operations, streamline processes and provide visibility of each critical stage in the production process, in a view to improving productivity and efficiency across the business. The anticipated start date is Spring 2024 with tailoring, implementation and training across 2024, with an aim to go live with the new system in Jan 2025.

Alongside this we want to develop our existing CPQ software, as well as Ai integration to give an industry leading customer experience. 


From our West Yorkshire home, the Applelec Group has been manufacturing award winning, bespoke signage and lighting solutions for almost 30 years. Over this time our skills, knowledge and product ranges have grown, fusing together the latest innovations from around the world with our quality craftsmanship and diligent project support.

As an employee ownership trust, you can be assured that the Applelec team hold our values and the success of both the company and our valued customers at the heart of everything we do. 

As a bespoke manufacturer our work is complex, and we need to remain flexible to the nature of this work and the needs of our customers, who often have short, rigid deadlines. The inflexibility of our current IT system is not supporting this or our plans for growth. Currently we have no visibility of critical aspects of the business, including workflow, labour and resource management, as well as stock management and allocation to jobs. Alongside this, the quotation aspect of our system is geared more towards off the shelf products, rather than those bespoke in nature. This inflexibility results in long and arduous quotation creation, increasing our response lead times, as well as leaving the production process open to a myriad of issues.

Giving our workforce the tools to manage these aspects will help us to become a leaner more productive business, enabling us to increase work capacity whilst reducing costs. Having a single system that touches every aspect of the business from sales to marketing to production, will improve companywide communication, streamline our processes and improve lead times and customer satisfaction.

Within this remit we are also looking to develop a CPQ system with potential Ai integration and so are interested in various system integrations and any plans for future system development.


  • ERP software development, installation and configuration

  • System testing by supplier and Applelec employees

  • System configuration based on outcomes of testing

  • Training sessions for Applelec employees

  • Migration of existing data into a new system

  • On hand support for Applelec staff during the first few weeks of going live


Contract Management: 

The project will begin Spring 2024 and conclude early 2025. Payment will be agreed with the chosen supplier. The contract manager is our Accounts and General Manager Nicola Hargreaves.


Award criteria:

Proposals will be assessed based on the evaluation criteria in the tender comparison matrix, which is available for download.

Bids will be assessed using a value-compliance evaluation methodology, which considers a combination of costs, functionality and added value.


Procurement process:

  • Proposal submission deadline:  22nd March 2024

  • Notifications of procurement decision: 29th March 2024

  • Proposals or expressions of interest should be sent to by the submission deadline.

Note: This tender brief provides a brief overview of our requirements, and we are happy to respond directly to any questions you may have at this stage by contacting


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