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Wrapping up 2023

As 2023 draws to a close we look back on some of our highlights across the year.




2023 saw exciting advancements in our sustainable lighitng solutions, with the launch of the industry's first Grade A LED Ribbin Tape. Exclusively available through Applelec, this super high efficiency ribbon tape has multiple benefits including:

  • 131% increase in ov erall efficiency

  • Up to 50% energy saving/running costs

  • 2 watts per meter

  • 227 lm/W

  • 20% increase in brightness

  • one tree planted with every order




The first of its kind!

This year we launched our next generation, eco-friendly light panel, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0, the first and only, UK manufactured light panel embedded with Grade A LEDs. Featuring the same eco friendly properties as its predecessor, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0's Grade A LEDs provide an impressive 35% energy saving when compared to Geade B LEDs. Exclusively available through Applelec, our environmentally friednly light panel helps facilitate more eco conscious schemes.


The Applelec Forest


Alongside planting a tree with every eco signage and lighting order, in 2023 the Applelec team started an internal initiative to use the ECOSIA internet browser to offset the carbon footprint of our delivery van, aiming to plant 288 trees in 2023. The team smashed this target, planting an amazing 424 trees. Add to this our yearly donation to JUST ONE Tree in place of sending a Christmas Card, plus sales of our ECO product range, takes the total number of trees currently in the Applelec forest to an amazing 882! We couldn't be prouder of everyone's efforts, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2024.


2023 Project Spotlight


Project: Penderyn Distillery

Location: Wales

Designers: Archer Humphreys Architects

Applelec LED Light Sheet in RGB LED option creates a striking, illuminated ceiling feature for the award-winning distillery.


Project: Murmuration

Location: London

Designers: Studio29 Lighting Design

Studio29 worked with Applelec Projects to create their vast light art installation for the double height reception space at The MET.


Project: Parklife Festival

Location: Manchester

Designers: Allen Signs

The Applelec Signage team brought Allen Signs concept to life, manufacturing face illuminated letters which were programmed to change colour with the beat of the music.


Project: Wellington Place

Location: Leeds

Designers: Astra Signs

Applelec Supply were selected to provide the illumination solutions for the innovative, award winning, Wellington Place architectural wayfinding scheme.


Applelec Group


This year we re-branded, recently launching Applelec Group. Our new revamp now more accurately reflects Applelec, encompassing our core values of sustainability, innovation and growth, along with highlighting our company’s evolution.

As part of this launch, we created a new website that focuses on our company information and initiatives, as well as providing easy access links to our dedicated, divisional websites.

Our Applelec Group website work will continue into 2024, eventually replacing our long standing Applelec website with our fresh and modernised site.

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