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Introducing the Applelec Group

Introducing Applelec Group

Applelec has experienced many positive changes over the last few years, from becoming an employee ownership trust to our award-winning, sustainable initiatives.

Developments have also taken place within our sales areas, with the addition of two new departments, including Applelec Supply for all your LED distribution needs. These four divisions will now fall under the newly created Applelec Group umbrella, with branding that better encompasses our core values of sustainability, innovation and growth, along with reflecting Applelec's evolution.

As part of this, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Applelec Group website, that focuses on company information and initiatives, whilst providing easy access to our divisional websites.

Our Applelec Group website work will continue to develop over the coming months to include our comprehensive range of products and services, eventually replacing our long standing Applelec website with our fresh, new, modernised site.

Take a look around, we hope you like it!


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