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Applelec joins Made in Britain network of manufactures

Applelec is delighted to announce it has become a member of Made in Britain, joining the growing community of British companies promoting British manufacturing.

As a manufacturer of bespoke fabricated signage and display systems, alongside products such as LED Light Sheet, Applelec has experienced strong growth over the last five years and views joining the scheme as part of a wider strategy for continuing growth both in the UK and internationally.

Joining the network means Applelec is able to use the registered Made in Britain marque on literature, websites, packaging and products. As a trade supplier, this benefit will be passed to Applelec's customers who will begin to see the MiB marque featured on the labelling of certain products purchased from Applelec.

For products such as Applelec's LED Light Sheet, which has seen increased competition from poorly made, imported light panel products, the use of the marque will help ensure the product is recognised as being British-made.

Ian Drinkwater, Applelec managing director said: 'We are proud to be a British manufacturer and with increasing orders coming from Europe and the Middle East in recent years, we have experienced confidence in the quality of British manufacturing. We wanted a clear way to highlight that Applelec is a British manufacturer to potential customers around the world as well as to other UK businesses.

John Pearce, Made in Britain CEO said: 'We'll be working with Applelec to support their provenance marketing both internally and to all their B2B stakeholders as they grow the business at home and abroad emphasising everything that makes them proud to be a Made in Britain member and UK manufacturer.'

Applelec recently relocated all manufacturing operations to the 6.3 acre Wharfedale Business Park in Bradford, which has been undergoing development by Applelec since its purchase in 2015. The company currently employs 80 members of staff.


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