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Applelec's Summer Sponsorship

For the past two years, Applelec has supported the architectural model making and prototype workshop, Atelier La Juntana, which is in collaboration with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Based in Santander, the workshop runs throughout the summer and welcomes around forty design and architect students each year. The courses focus on the increasing importance hand-crafting 2D and 3D models has within a now digital age, to help students visualise design plans and to reveal any potential issues within these concepts.

Contributing to the students' learning experience, Applelec supplied the workshop with a range of LED systems, including SloanLED Prism LED modules. This provided the opportunity for the students to investigate and experiment with illumination.

Armor Gutierrez Rivas of KPF Architects and one of the workshop's tutors said: 'The students' work combined 3D, resin casted models with Applelec's LED systems, which created beautiful effects and highlighted the sculptures' intricate detailing. By incorporating SloanLED Prism modules into this year's workshop, really helped the students to consider how lighting can be integrated within their designs and further widen creative opportunities.'

Ian Drinkwater, Applelec's managing director said: 'We are delighted to have once again been approached to both sponsor and support this great institute for new architects and designers. The inclusion of SloanLED Prism modules for this year's International Summer Workshop highlights how versatile these LED systems are and their relevance not only within signage applications, but also within architectural design.'

The International Summer Workshop provides the opportunity for the students to explore different techniques and work with a variety of materials to develop architectural models, mock-ups and prototypes.


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