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Applelec Sign Launch ECO Built Up Letters

Applelec Sign is proud to announce the latest product in our environmentally friendly signage range, our Eco Built-up Letters. Engineered to include more sustainable components and designed for disassembly; they are a great alternative for the environmentally conscious customer.

Created using fully recyclable stainless steel or aluminium shells, closed loop, 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic and backed with a lightweight, resilient, Foamex, which contains up to 80% reclaimed postproduction waste content; these letters reduce landfill without compromising on quality.

Powerful, bright illumination is supplied by our highly energy efficient Sloan Prism 24V LED modules, which are the industry leaders on lumens per watt and carry an impressive 10-year warranty. LED layout is planned to ensure the optimum number of LEDs are used and with SloanLEDs high output capabilities, it creates luminance levels far brighter than anything possible with typical LEDs, avoiding wasted materials and reducing energy usage, without compromising on illumination. LEDs are then mounted to its backboard to allow for disassembly at the end of the products life, which can either be re-used or recycled through our WEEE programme, ensuring they are recycled responsibly. What’s more, LEDs can also be linked to timers, sensors, and even solar power to control and optimise power usage even further.

Front to back, our eco engineered built-up letters offer a more sustainable option to the signage industry and if that’s not enough, for every order that includes our ECO letters we pledge to plant a tree, contributing even further to a circular economy.

Just ask our sales team for more information or challenge us to eco-engineer your latest project with eco-friendly swaps.

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