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Sam Lumb is crowned Sign Making Apprentice of the Year after completing apprenticeship

Applelec’s warehouse operative Sam Lumb has developed his sign making career by completing a one-year apprenticeship in sign making at Leeds College of Building.

The part-time course, which was the last of its kind to be held at Leeds College of Building, covered six modules including self-adhesive materials, sign-making software, vinyl plotter and graphic printer training. A key element of the course was training on self -adhesive materials and their application, with projects focusing on choosing the correct adhesive and method of application.

Ian Drinkwater, Applelec managing director, states: ‘Here at Applelec we are always looking to develop the skills of our staff and believe it is important to help young people as they enter the signage industry. Sam has begun his career with us and we hope through this apprenticeship and further training he will have a long and prosperous career with Applelec.’

Although segments of the course followed traditional teaching methods through tutor lessons and practical training, there were also numerous coursework based projects which saw the students following a brief which was hypothetically set by existing companies, for example a project where students had to use the Sign Lab programme to complete a brief set by Coca-Cola. These types of projects enabled the students to understand the importance of following specific brand guidelines in terms of size restrictions and colour palettes.

One course module involved Sam presenting work which he had completed whilst employed at Applelec. Sam submitted a portfolio of photographs and descriptions showing him completing projects at every stage of the sign making process which additionally demonstrated his use of correct health and safety equipment.

Sam explains: ‘The skills I have learnt and developed during the course at Leeds will no doubt prove invaluable throughout my career in the signage industry. My improved practical skills combined with my developed ability to follow briefs and work to timeframes has aided my work at Applelec since completing the course.’

We are delighted to announce that after completing the apprenticeship Sam went on to win the Signmaking Apprentice of the Year award at the Leeds College of Building Awards.


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